About Us

Our goal is to change the way seniors think of exercise.

Did you know...

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans, and carry a heavy quality of life impact. (cdc.gov) A growing number of older adults fear falling and, as a result, limit their activities and social engagements. This can result in further physical decline, depression, social isolation and feelings of helplessness. People who have fallen once are likely to fall again and those who are worried about falling are more likely to experience a fall (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). Fortunately, these falls and their subsequent injuries are preventable! The biggest method of prevention is exercise, but don’t be discouraged! Our classes are designed to change the way seniors think of exercise, so you will HAVE FUN while strengthening your leg muscles and improving your balance.

A pie chart infographic that says "One in every five falls causes an injury."

This is where we are here to help!

Exercise is an individual concept. In other words, everyone knows their own bodies best. At Better Balance- Safer You, we don’t judge others on how they exercise because we trust that you know your body’s limitation to stay healthy and safe. Our philosophy is simple: Focus on what you can do and not on what you can’t. Strengthening your leg muscles is a huge way to improve balance and prevent falls. And you don’t have to become a pro athlete to do that. But if we’re going to focus on that anyway, why not learn another useful, possibly life-saving skill at the same time? We’re talking about self-defense! 

Combining balance and self-defense for seniors has never been done in this way before. Better Balance- Safer You is the first of its kind, and we’d love for you to be part of this unique group! Together, let’s change the way seniors look at exercise!

One of our students smashing through a plank of wood, improving self-confidence.

One of our students breaking some wood. You can do this, too!

A Fall's Biggest Kryptonite

Not only will you be exercising to improve your balance and learning self-defense along the way, but maybe somewhat ironically, you will also be taught HOW to fall. Fall prevention is the first line of defense, but if a fall is going to happen, how can we position ourselves to land in the best way without breaking a bone? You’ll be learning these tools and techniques in a way specifically catered towards YOU and your abilities. We focus on what you CAN do, not what you can’t. We want you to have fun in class, as our goal is to change the way seniors view exercise. Along this journey, you will probably surprise yourself with just how much you’re capable of. Let’s face it: A little extra self-confidence goes a long way!

Location, Time & Cost

Currently, our classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-12 at the Anderson Township Senior Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. We try to keep the classes affordable at $5 per session.

Mindset Matters

  • Stay curious, open-minded and ask questions
  • Practice, practice, practice, by practicing at home will improve your balance faster.
  • Have a sense of humor, enjoy your time and HAVE FUN!

What to Expect

Classes run for an hour and are designed to be flexible allowing individual instructors to customize activities based on each individual’s ability.  Motions will focus on improving your balance, flexibility, core strength, cognitive thinking and self esteem. Exercising at your own pace and intensity is highly encouraged. We strive to have you do what you can do but work towards motions that maybe difficult at first but you might be able to accomplish as you progress. Class are fun and highly interactive.

Classes & Community

You really CAN do this...

“As we age, our level of confidence and our overall quality of life diminishes.
Some of this feeling can be attributed to “ageism”. It is similar in nature to sexism and racism as our society as a whole associates older adults with physical and mental decline. Granted this is a generalization, but a lot of seniors begin living it, especially when they can’t seem to do some things they once could. They settle into a more sedentary lifestyle, accelerating the physical aging process.
Better Balance – Safer You specifically addresses those fears and counters that negative mindset. Effective balance and self-defense training is the antidote, and it starts with ambition. If you are not motivated to stay both physically fit and mentally sound, then you probably won’t find an exercise program that will work for you. I know firsthand that there are days where just getting started is a real chore. Now add this struggle to the natural aging process, and gathering the steam to even begin the regimen is exponentially more difficult. We can’t stop aging, but with the right combination of mindset and activity, we can delay some of our physical deterioration. Staying fit starts with your state of mind.”

George S. Zabrecky, founder & author, 5th degree black belt, Taekwondo Master.

...But don't just take our word for it!

See what our students have to say!

Student-reported benefits

Here are some of the benefits are students are saying about the class:

  • Better balance within weeks
  •  Increased flexibility
  • Increased confidence
  • Faster reflex action
  • Better circulation and overall health
  • Heightened feelings of well-being
  • Sense of harmony & tranquility
  • Renewed enjoyment of socialization
A woman practicing self-defense motions, improving balance along the way
Our community of seniors practicing balance and self-defense in class
One of our students breaking through wood with a padded glove on his hand
A woman practicing self-defense motions, improving balance along the way

Join Us

Become part of our family. Often we find ourselves alone especially as we age. Better Balance – Safer You classes are highly interactive between the instructor and students. New friendships are forged in and out of the classroom as students with higher belt ranks are encouraged to assist lower ranks. This concept of students helping students is rare in group exercise classes but not with Better Balance – Safer You. It enhances our class community, adds a sense of empowerment and accelerates the learning process resulting in faster result.

Questions or Concerns? We're here to help!

One of our students breaking a plank of wood, a proud expression on her face